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Casinos and gambling are becoming a way of life and they are creating a new form of culture. Casino games have become more and more popular and they are developing a new social movement. For instance, poker games are played by more and more people and they are played not only by people in a casino or in online casinos, but they all played in organized home areas. There are real tournaments played between friends or neighbors and it became a trend to have a poker night at least one night a week. Poker is popular not only among men, but it is played also by more and more women, it is not played only by professional players but also by amateurs.

Poker is promoted not only by casinos or online casinos, but is promoted also through the media. There are many commercials that promote poker, presenting the increasing popularity of the game and the fact that it can be played everywhere, by anyone, presenting it as a new form of entertainment. Another casino game that is becoming more and more popular is the Roulette, because it is a casino game that is easy to play and it is the only casino game that is not played with cards.

The popularity of casino games increased also with the appearance of the Internet. The Internet made the casino games more accessible , and many online casinos offer to players that are not familiarized with casino games, free games, this way is easier for them to learn more about the game and this way then can get used to the rules of the game. That is why the casino games which once where played just by those who entered in a casino, or just by experienced and exclusive players can now be played by anyone. It is also important to know that best casinos offer you many bonuses, sign up bonus, bonuses for rgular players and bonuses for high rollers.

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